Jill from Milford
"I'd been going to a chiropractor for several months on a weekly basis working on the same condition ...Finally, seeing no improvement,  I decided to try Gisela and she fixed me in ONE session.  Amazing.  Gisela is professional, knowledgeable and works wonders.  She's reasonably priced and I highly recommend her."

Gloria from Stratford
 "In my work as the director of ACBL Duplicate Bridge Games, I have to deal with many diverse and difficult personalities, as well as in my personal life.  My sessions with Gisela are an oasis of calm, enabling me to live my life in a healthy way.  Thank you Gisela."  

Ken from Bethany
"My first experience with a trained massage therapist was at Yale-New Haven Hospital in 2005. I was undergoing radiation treatment for cancer, and massage therapy was offered as a complementary alternative treatment. I had three sessions with Gisela, and WOW…I had a wonderful new experience during a distinctly stressful period of my life. Since then my wife and I have been regular clients. What are the benefits? 1) Trained and sensitive hands that always discover and eliminate the knots and tightness that my 68 year old body increasingly experiences; 2) total relaxation as I drift into a deep “stress free zone”, and/or enjoyable conversation with a thoughtful and open person. My recommendation – RUN, don’t walk, to Milford Therapeutic."

Judy from New Haven
"Gisela has been my massage therapist for years. She is very accommodating to fit me into her schedule and mine. And after years of knowing me, zeroes in right away on my tight spots along my neck and upper back to give me the relief needed. I highly recommend her services"

Kim from New Haven
"My husband and I have been clients of Milford Therapeutic for over 7 years now. No matter whether it a stress related issue, medical problem or just the effects of aging, we know we will be taken care of at Milford Therapeutic.  Gisela gives you that "one-on-one" attention to your problem and we've always left there feeling a lot better.  It's a very clean comfortable environment and very relaxing.  We highly recommend Milford Therapeutic".

Bob from Milford
"I injured my lower back years ago and was going to a chiropractor. One visit to Milford Therapeutic and I was hooked.  Gisela did more in that one visit than my chiropractor had done in weeks. Whenever I'm having problems or pain with my back, I know I can count on Milford Therapeutic to take care of it. Gisela is very attentive to your situation and gives you that personal care that other places don't. The atmosphere is extremely relaxing and the officeis immaculate.  I'll definitely be a client for years to come."

bara from New Haven
"I have been a client of Gisela's and a friend for the past 20 years.   I was referred to her from my chiropractor as I was recovering from a broken knee cap, and, a lower back problem.   After a few visits I immediately saw an improvement with my back pain and movement in my knee.   Soon after I discontinued the chiropractor and have been with Gisela ever since.   She is like a "miracle worker" and one heck of a nice person to spent a visit with and relax.  After one of her massages you really felt great, so anytime something kicks up, it is a call to Milford Therapeutic  Massage."

John from Milford
"I have been a client of Gisela for over ten years. Whether it was a stressful week or some more serious ache or pain , she always knew the right technique to get me back on my way feeling so much better than when I walked into her clinic. She truly has the “magic touch” and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a gifted massage therapist".

Andy from Stratford
"I have had the privilege to work with Gisela over the past twenty years. As a professional with several occupational injuries, I trust her to apply her knowledge of manipulative therapy to help me through recurring physical issues. There have been many occasions in which I arrive at her office barely able to walk or to stand. In that 60 minute session, she evaluates and then carefully works to release muscles and increase range of motion. Gisela also takes the time to teach her clients how to help themselves through exercise and stretching. She understands that therapy helps us make progress but to continue improvement, the client must understand what motions are detrimental.
Gisela is always a thoughtful, careful, and meticulous clinician. It is my pleasure to recommend her to my patients".